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Utterly Confused??????

Question by NC Girl: Utterly Confused?????? during a tarot card reading my friend Ric, ask what question should we ask and I didn’t have any so he suggested that we ask a question about us. i thought he meant the business since, him, me, and my brother started a ghost hunting business. No he wanted […]

Synastry readings that reveal Juno aspects?

WE Uplift.tv moment: Whispering Energy Heart Centered Networking. http://www.fb.com/WECollaboration Shelly Wilson from http://shellyrwilson.com talks about L… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by Cheshire Riddle: Synastry readings that reveal Juno aspects? I’ve been looking into synastry readings for some time and I haven’t found any sites that offer input regarding aspects made between Juno or […]

How do do my own Tarot Reading?

Learn how to read the four of pentacles in this free fortune-telling video on how to read tarot cards. Expert: Anubha Gupta Bio: Anubha Gupta has been a prof… Question by tiffany.caldwell: How do do my own Tarot Reading? I’ve been in to the spiritual stuff for a while now and I wanted to get […]